How to add pages?

To add your social media pages and accounts to BoomSocial, click Add Page button on the top of the screen or here.

When can I see the page I added?

The pages added to BoomSocial are activated after categorization and editorial control. The process takes up to 24 hours.

When can I see the statistics of the page I added?

Analytics of the pages added to BoomSocial will be available 24 hours after the editorial confirmation.

How can I compare pages?

You can add the pages you want to your Compare List via the “Add to Compare List” button on top of the page. You can see your compare list via the “Compare Pages” option on the left hand menu. From the Compare Pages, you can select and compare up to 7 brands you want.

Which social media channels are analyzed in BoomSocial?

Social media performance analytics for Facebook, X, YouTube and Instagram are currently available in BoomSocial.

What is Engagement Rate (ER)?

Engagement Rate (ER) is the rate of user interaction with the page. ER is calculated by the monthly interaction per post to fan page ratio.
  • Facebook engagement is calculated by the likes, comments and shares to the posts.
  • X engagement is calculated by the retweets and favorites to the tweets.
  • Instagram engagement is calculated by the likes and comments to the posts.
  • YouTube engagement is calculated by the likes, dislikes and comments to the videos.

How can I get Social Media Monitoring?

For your social media monitoring needs, you can use real time search engine BoomSonar. For detailed information about BoomSonar, please visit or e-mail to

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