BoomSocial Premium Social Media Reports and Analysis includes 4 types of reports:

MONTHLY INDUSTRY ANALYSES BoomSocial Monthly Industry Analyses allows you to analyze and report the social media performance of your industry, brand and competitors. The analyses include valuable analytics for brands to improve their social media content and marketing strategies.
Monthly Industry Analyses for over 60 industries in more than 20 countries are readily available for online purchase. You can also order your own, custom-made analysis for your brand, competitors, or accounts you are interested in. Analyses are prepared in Microsoft PowerPoint format, allowing users to import slides to their own presentations. Purchased analyses can be reached from the Report Archive, and can be downloaded on-demand. Details of the analyses are available on the respective pages of each analysis.

BRAND REPORTS With brand reports, you can generate Microsoft PowerPoint presentations on the social media performances of your brands or competitors with a single click.
BoomSocial Brand Reports include the brand performance over a selected time period, fan growth, Boom Quality Score changes, posts by brand, post engagement, most engaging posts and the weekly post scheduling of the brand. You can directly buy brand reports from the BoomSocial page of the brands by clicking "Report" button, and making the payment via credit card or money order. Your report will be generated and added to your Report Archive.

COMPETITION REPORTS BoomSocial Competition Reports are designed to compare and analyze the social media performance and competition of up to 7 brands. The reports are prepared in Microsoft Powerpoint presentation format, allowing you to modify the reports or include them in other presentations. The reports include further details to the free page comparison of BoomSocial, such as the post timing of the brands, overall best posts of the brands selected and the best posts of each brand in the date range.
To add brands to Compare List, you must be logged in to BoomSocial. You can click the "Add to Compare List" button from each brand page, use page search and click the checkboxes next to the brand names in the list, or use the checkboxes from listing pages. To create Competition Reports, select up to 7 brands from your Compare List, and click the "Buy Competition Report" button. Your report will be created instantly. After the payment, the report will be added to your Report Archive page. Purchased reports can be downloaded multiple times without any limitations.